To reduce the risk of medical error when issuing repeat long term prescriptions, a minimum of 24 hours advance notice of the need for a repeat prescription is needed. This allows the doctor to check clinical details in your medical file relating to the prescription. These include information on whether the prescription is being requested too early or too late, whether the medications are safe and appropriate and whether a consultaton is needed prior to the prescription being issued.

Only emergency exceptions to this 24 hour rule are allowable.


  • All childhood vaccinations.
  • Travel vaccinations including accredited yellow fever vaccination practice.
  • Seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccinations.
  • Other vaccinations as needed.


  • Blood tests as needed (samples transported by courier daily at lunchtime to the lab at Kerry General Hospital Tralee). Please try to have blood tests done prior to 10.30am if possible.
  • ECG.
  • Referral for radiology or other investigations.
  • Female Health including cervical smear tests (registered practice with Cervical Check for free screening). Also contraception and family planning advice, including Implanon and Mirena insertion.
  • Male Health including all the necessary screening tests for prostate disease and heart disease.


For treatment of various skin lesions including warts.

Minor surgery:

Certain skin lesions may be suitable for removal under local anaesthetic, also suturing of acute lacerations, etc.

Eyesight testing:

Including visual acuity, driver licence certification and testing for colour blindness.

Occupational Health:

We are company doctors for two local factories and have an interest in this field.



Our practice strongly promotes breastfeeding as the best way to feed your infant. Nurse Bobbi Daly is a fully qualified lactation consultant and will help you with antenatal and postnatal breastfeeding support, adviceĀ and education.

Chronic Illness Management:

Including Diabetes, Haemochromatosis and Cardiovascular disease.

Requests for letters/forms:

24 hours notice please. A fee may be payable if not related strictly to medical matters.


A qualified counsellor Ms Teresa Daughton visits the practice on a regular basis. Phone: (087) 2954703