Opening Hours:


Monday to Friday
9.00AM - 12.30PM
2.00PM - 5.30PM


Weekdays: 6.00PM - 8.00AM
Weekends: Saturday 1.00PM Until Monday 8.00AM

Appointment System:

To reduce waiting times and stress for patients, we operate an appointment-only system at all times.

Please ring in advance and if possble try to indicate whether a longer appointment might be needed e.g for insurance medicals. Urgent appointments can of course be slotted in if needed, but we ask for common sense as this will result in booked patients waiting for longer times.

Out of Hours:

Southdoc G.P. co-operative service run by local doctors on a rota basis is in operation for all urgent matters from 6.00PM - 8.00AM daily, Saturday from 1.00PM, all day Sunday until Monday at 8.00AM. Also all public holidays. Phone: 1850 335 999

For life threatening emergencies call an ambulance on 999 or 112.

Home Visits:

These are available for housebound or critically ill patients only. All other patients should attend the Courthouse Medical Centre as more facilities and equipment are available.

Contacting Us:

Phone (068) 24976 or Fax (068) 53588

The receptionist will try to help you with your enquiry but may need to have the nurse or doctor call you back when convenient. Only genuine emergencies will be connected to the doctor or nurse immediately.